Adapted visit to Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

ART TO TOUCH is an innovative project designed specifically for the blind or visually disabled people to access knowing works of art through touch. It begins with a guided tour to learn about the Museum collection, and continues with an experimentation session in a space in which we propose touching a range of materials, works and artistic techniques to analyse aspects related to size, shape, texture and the material. Thanks to a pioneering technique textures and a relief of up to five millimetres can be given to flat images. In this way, the drawings become three-dimensional and the picture is reproduced in relief so that, through touch, you can explore the textures and volume of reproductions. At the same time, thematic details are explained in the speech with audio-guide in Basque, Spanish or English, specifically developed for directing the touch interpretation of the painting. Furthermore, with the intention of becoming aware about the nature of this activity, we provide the public with masks so that anyone can experience the potential of touch. Specifically, the five paintings selected among the masterpieces of the museum’s permanent collection are La Anunciación by El Greco, San Sebastián curado por las santas mujeres by José de Ribera, Lot and his daughters by Orazio Gentileschi, Woman and child seated in a garden by Mary Cassatt and Lying figure in mirror by Francis Bacon.



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