Basque Traditional Music Workshop adapted for people with visual disabilities

With this Workshop of traditional Basque music and its particular instruments, we will present the most deeply rooted Basque traditions in a tourist way, adapted to each person and group with any type of disability.

The Txalaparta is an ancient Basque musical instrument. It consists of precious woods which when hit with sticks emit rhythmic sounds. With sticks and on logs of precious wood with different densities, a very special music is created. (Two experts play this beautiful music with two hands) The Txalaparta comes from the first CIDER HOUSES of the Basques, the Dolaretxeak, apples were beaten with sticks to extract the juice that fell between the cracks of the wood and the sound made was also used to announce that the festivals would soon begin, along with all the fun, dancing and the drinking of the tasty cider.

Playing the Txalaparta, as it is a very basic instrument (wood and sticks), is very intuitive and sensorial.

A visually impaired person can by touching it quickly learn without great difficulty how to play it.

The Txalaparta is played in pairs, two people play the same instrument, with both hands. This makes it easy for an inexperienced person to follow the instructions (by imitating by ear) the txalapartari musician. Who will guide him/her in the interpretation of the musical piece. The result is a pleasant, rhythmic and enveloping music.

People who have never touched this or any other musical instrument, will be pleasantly surprised because they learn how to use it and play music very quickly (not noise, like other musical instruments that take a long time to learn)


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