Sensitive cooking for the blind show: aromas, textures, flavours…

Touch, smell and plate up your creation using only smell and touch. Look for similar flavours or aromas that you can combine with each other, play with textures and make your best pintxo in a different way, as sight is not the most important thing, but rather taste.

Maximum 10 people

Tasting for the blind

This is a theoretical and practical session, specifically developed and directed at the blind, to begin to learn about wine. A wine expert will show us the technique and methodology of tasting, knowledge of white, rosé and red wines, their production, the different wine regions, as well as how to serve them, preserve them and accompany them with food.

Tasting Methodology: the tasting system and how to use our senses, the shapes of glasses, smells, temperatures for drinking, identification of flavours will be explained… The basics of making wines (whites, rosés, reds), different wine making systems, the main grape varieties and different production areas will also be given.

As for the practical part of the tasting, 4-5 wines (varietals, reds, whites…) will be studied. Preferably, the wines used will have labels in Braille. In addition, those attending can make their own wines, mixing the different varieties to taste and personalising the label.

Furthermore, with the intention of becoming aware about the nature of this activity, we provide the public with masks so that anyone can experience the potential of touch.

Proposed Dates: On request

Length: 2 hours approx

Oil Tasting in Rioja Alavesa

We offer a unique sensory experience where you learn to enjoy, value and appreciate quality oil, its qualities and attributes. Dive into the exciting world of liquid gold, becoming a lover and critic of a delicacy so used and unknown as is olive oil. You will learn categories, varieties and flavours that hitherto passed unnoticed. Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable experience.

Length: 1.5 h

Includes Starter Course on oil tasting and a small snack.

From: €10 (20 pax). Min. 4 pax (€15)

Optional: With lunch, visits to hundred-year-old olive trees, participatory activity, visit to the olive press, Bottle of oil…


Preserved Cantabrian anchovy factory

If you are one of those who enjoy tasting a good anchovy, we suggest an unforgettable experience in which you will learn to prepare authentic Cantabrian anchovy in oil, following traditional and totally handmade techniques. Moreover, you can take the anchovies you have prepared home with you. All on foot from the port of Getaria.

Wine to Feel: Accessible wineries

Live a unique sensory experience in a winery of Rioja Alavesa. We work with the best wineries and adapt the visit according to the needs of the customers.  Visit the premises of the winery in a different way, interacting with the winemaking process and then make a sensory tasting of the most renowned wines from each winery.

  • Price: Please ask
  • Location: Rioja Alavesa
  • Length: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Dates: All year


Visit Sagardoetxea and lunch in cider house

  • Sagardoetxea, the Basque Cider Museum, is the ideal place to delve into the culture of cider before going to a cider house and discovering all the secrets that accompany cider tasting. This experience that unites museum and cider house, gives us the opportunity to learn the whole process of cider making, history and tradition of this ancient beverage, secrets that accompany txotx cider tasting and finish off the day in a traditional cider house with the typical cider house menu that includes: cod omelette, fried cod with peppers, steak, cheese with quince jelly and walnuts and txotx cider:
    • Price: Please ask
    • Location: Astigarraga.
    • Length: 4 hours.
    • Dates: All year.



Pintxo Tour

Live an authentic Bilbao experience. We propose enjoying a pintxos route adapted to anyone regardless of their disability. We direct the content according to wheelchair users’ specific needs, people with visual or hearing disabilities, highlighting the value of the senses of smell and taste.

Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, visiting the old part of the City of Bilbao. We propose a guided Pintxo Tour lasting on average 3 and a half hours, where you will see the secrets of the old part of the city and will enjoy privileged access to the best tapas bars. We include a selection of 4 of the best pintxos bars in the area where we will taste a speciality pintxo with drinks included in each one.

  • Languages: Spanish / English
  • Price: Please ask
  • Location: Old Town
  • Length: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Dates: All year