Artistic creation workshop: create your own work of art to take home as a souvenir of Bilbao.

A practical experience in an artistic creativity workshop where you will discover your abilities until now unknown: No. people:  Minimum 4, Maximum 14 people per group.

2 hours


Mornings from 09:00 h. to 14:00 h. Monday to Friday.

From €10/person.  Minimum 4 people per group. Maximum 14 people per group.

Mornings from 09:00 h. to 14:00 h. Monday to Friday.



Accesible visit for the blind to the Guggenheim Museum (accessible)

 “A museum for all”, it is a project for people with visual disabilities that complements the existing accessible offer in the Museum. This service is based on guided touch visits that show in the real setting aspects of the urbanisation of the building and of the most representative outside works. An audio-guide with audio-descriptions allows knowing the outside of the Museum, and a booklet with high relief plates facilitates the tactile information. The models of building itself designed by Frank Gehry, of the work Puppy, by Jeff Koons, or the Mamá piece, by Louise Bourgeios, that form part of the visit, supplement the previous information.

The contents of the audio-description and booklet are of interest not only for visitors with visual disabilities but for any accompanying persons, creating an experience that can be enjoyed in company.


Sociocultural visit to the EUREKA Museum of Science – San Sebastian, adapted for the blind

Accompanied by a professional team of monitors and a specialised guide who will provide personalised attention, the group of visitors will enjoy a tour that will bring science and technology to them in an entertaining way, including the next-generation digital Planetarium, scientific shows based on different senses, and the possibility of walking around and touching the main buildings of Gipuzkoa in miniature. A unique museum to learn, touch and feel.

Length of activity 2 hours.

Themed itineraries and practical participatory workshops in Technology Centres

Through practical workshops led by professional researchers, you will discover an entertaining, educational and fun world of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, the secrets of renewable energy, Globalisation, Recycling, the Digital World and Networks, Automation and Robotics. During the tour, visitors will learn about New Materials that copy nature, if the burgers we eat are really made out of beef, what are genetically modified products, and they will try out technological advances that are part of our lives and are designed to help us.  They will learn to understand and assess the impact and the negative and positive consequences of their use, and surprising secrets of food, energy, climate change, ecological footprint, globalisation, reuse… as well as the digital world based on the language of zeros and ones in which we live, on which information and communication, sounds, image, video, text are based… and all kinds of robots, sensors, home automation based… Fascinating!


Hiking and geological land-sea experience along accessible nature trails

Tours and themed itineraries combining unique cliffs in Europe, where you can see at a glance the flysch (geological stratum where the dinosaurs apparently died). We discover the Clavo de Oro (Golden Spike) in Azkorri and lots of history through the geology of the cliffs of the Basque Coast and the tidal platform, where we will learn surprising aspects about the flora and fauna.

OPTIONAL With barbecue food Menu. (3 hours)


Basque Traditional Music Workshop adapted for people with visual disabilities

With this Workshop of traditional Basque music and its particular instruments, we will present the most deeply rooted Basque traditions in a tourist way, adapted to each person and group with any type of disability.

The Txalaparta is an ancient Basque musical instrument. It consists of precious woods which when hit with sticks emit rhythmic sounds. With sticks and on logs of precious wood with different densities, a very special music is created. (Two experts play this beautiful music with two hands) The Txalaparta comes from the first CIDER HOUSES of the Basques, the Dolaretxeak, apples were beaten with sticks to extract the juice that fell between the cracks of the wood and the sound made was also used to announce that the festivals would soon begin, along with all the fun, dancing and the drinking of the tasty cider.

Playing the Txalaparta, as it is a very basic instrument (wood and sticks), is very intuitive and sensorial.

A visually impaired person can by touching it quickly learn without great difficulty how to play it.

The Txalaparta is played in pairs, two people play the same instrument, with both hands. This makes it easy for an inexperienced person to follow the instructions (by imitating by ear) the txalapartari musician. Who will guide him/her in the interpretation of the musical piece. The result is a pleasant, rhythmic and enveloping music.

People who have never touched this or any other musical instrument, will be pleasantly surprised because they learn how to use it and play music very quickly (not noise, like other musical instruments that take a long time to learn)


Adapted visit to Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

ART TO TOUCH is an innovative project designed specifically for the blind or visually disabled people to access knowing works of art through touch. It begins with a guided tour to learn about the Museum collection, and continues with an experimentation session in a space in which we propose touching a range of materials, works and artistic techniques to analyse aspects related to size, shape, texture and the material. Thanks to a pioneering technique textures and a relief of up to five millimetres can be given to flat images. In this way, the drawings become three-dimensional and the picture is reproduced in relief so that, through touch, you can explore the textures and volume of reproductions. At the same time, thematic details are explained in the speech with audio-guide in Basque, Spanish or English, specifically developed for directing the touch interpretation of the painting. Furthermore, with the intention of becoming aware about the nature of this activity, we provide the public with masks so that anyone can experience the potential of touch. Specifically, the five paintings selected among the masterpieces of the museum’s permanent collection are La Anunciación by El Greco, San Sebastián curado por las santas mujeres by José de Ribera, Lot and his daughters by Orazio Gentileschi, Woman and child seated in a garden by Mary Cassatt and Lying figure in mirror by Francis Bacon.



Shepherd for a day in an authentic rural setting

Come and become a Shepherd for a day, experiencing their daily lives and learn in a participatory and dynamic way (15-60 pax groups and individuals). Combine the experience with other activities related with the rural world and sustainability: courses, workshops, exhibitions for groups, activities for interacting with animals and nature. Cheese, handmade soap, tracks, trails and signs, edible mushrooms, cardboard furniture, candles, basketry, wool, games, shear,


Excursion to accessible Beaches

Bizkaia is a benchmark in the accessibility of many of its beaches. We propose outings whenever the weather accompanies with adapted vehicles and personalised attention from any point of origin.  The beaches of Plentzia, Ereaga, Lekeitio, Zierbana and Laida, during the months of July and August, a group of appropriately qualified monitors, give users a series of technical aids especially designed for use on the beaches and in the water. The monitors teach users how to use them and help them when necessary. They also have a lot of equipment such as special crutches to walk on the sand, amphibious chairs, hydraulic cranes… All designed to enjoy a day on the beach inclusively.

Transfers and accompanying guides, please ask, Installations and services of the beaches free.   

  • Price:  Please ask
  • Location: Biscay Coast
  • Dates: July and August

Visit to Urdaibai Bird Center

Urdaibai Bird Center is in the middle of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, specifically in the town of Gautegiz Arteaga.
The centre is located about 45 km from the town of Gernika-Lumo on the right bank of the River Oka, on the same bank as the marshes. It is a Great Live Nature Museum open to the public for the enjoyment of birds and migrations.

  • Price: Please ask.
  • Location: Bilbao, Bizkaia.
  • Length: Please ask.
  • Dates: All year.