Excursion to accessible Beaches

Bizkaia is a benchmark in the accessibility of many of its beaches. We propose outings whenever the weather accompanies with adapted vehicles and personalised attention from any point of origin.  The beaches of Plentzia, Ereaga, Lekeitio, Zierbana and Laida, during the months of July and August, a group of appropriately qualified monitors, give users a series of technical aids especially designed for use on the beaches and in the water. The monitors teach users how to use them and help them when necessary. They also have a lot of equipment such as special crutches to walk on the sand, amphibious chairs, hydraulic cranes… All designed to enjoy a day on the beach inclusively.

Transfers and accompanying guides, please ask, Installations and services of the beaches free.   

  • Price:  Please ask
  • Location: Biscay Coast
  • Dates: July and August
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