Themed itineraries and practical participatory workshops in Technology Centres

Through practical workshops led by professional researchers, you will discover an entertaining, educational and fun world of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, the secrets of renewable energy, Globalisation, Recycling, the Digital World and Networks, Automation and Robotics. During the tour, visitors will learn about New Materials that copy nature, if the burgers we eat are really made out of beef, what are genetically modified products, and they will try out technological advances that are part of our lives and are designed to help us.  They will learn to understand and assess the impact and the negative and positive consequences of their use, and surprising secrets of food, energy, climate change, ecological footprint, globalisation, reuse… as well as the digital world based on the language of zeros and ones in which we live, on which information and communication, sounds, image, video, text are based… and all kinds of robots, sensors, home automation based… Fascinating!


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